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Happy Eid Mubarak Poems 2017 :- Dear readers today we are going to share with you best Eid Al Fitr Poems 2017. We all know that Eid comes after a holy month of Ramadan so we must know something about Ramadan. The time of Ramadan is that in which the Quran was revealed, a direction for humankind proofs of the guidance, and the basis of good and bad. It is a period of fasting for the individuals who are present. It is said that since Allah does not seek difficulty for his adherents, Allah needed individuals to comprehend the significance of compassion this is a short story of Ramadan.

Eid Mubarak Poems 2017
Latest Eid Poems 

Please visit our previous for more Eid Ul Fitr SMS, Message, Quotes in Hindi and Urdu 2017. We come back to our topic we were talking about Eid Mubarak Poem so friends we have collected best collection of Happy Eid Poems, hope you guys like it. you can use these poems in a lot of places and you can also impress the guests to sing this poem.

1. Eid Mubarak, Eid Mubarak
Our Eid has come
To bring us peace
To bring us, love
To charish our life
It is the time
We muslims came together
Shoulder to shoulder
It is the time
We muslims share 
Share our love
Share believe
Eid Mubarak, Eid Mubarak 

2. 30 days of Fast, will continue as long as we last
Its ”RAMADAN KAREEM”,The Best among the whole months team
Fasting is every Muslim’s duty,It enhances soul’s beauty
If you’re sick,you’re travelling,It’s not necessary that you must be fasting
Gifts we got in Ramadan,are,The Quraan and my Pakistan
My we all get united,before its EID
May it be spent in peace,Remember me in your Prayers please!
May we all shine like a sun,Ramadan Kareem to everyone! 

Eid Mubarak Poems 2017
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3. “Are you sleeping still on Bed? 
Have a view of gift ahead, 
Oh, the Eid crescent is above your head, 
May this beautiful eve turn you crimson Red, 
Accept heartiest greetings and tweet, 
Because Can’t I buy the bunch of Sweet, 
May thou feel head over heel, 
And enjoy this festive with full zest and zeal, 
Embrace, hug, and switch off all disputes, 
And be the human of piety attributes, 
This poem will go on and on, So
Keep on enjoying Eid with chirpy brow!!!

4. Hope Love & Laughter
Joy And A Bouquet Of Eid
Become A Part Of Ur Eid And Ur
Eid ul Fiter Mubarak.

Eid Mubarak Poems 2017
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5. New Moon!! New Moon!! 
Happy Eid!! Happy Eid!! 

People scurrying, 
In preparation of Eid day. 

Some buying clothings, 
some pistachio and almonds. 

But my thought is, 
only for my beloved. 

And my mentor Miya Mohammad's words 
are embedded upon my mind. 

My beloved I leave you in god's care, 
Life is carnival of four days. 

We will celebrate Eid day, 
The day that we'll meet again. 

My beloved in your letter 
will be this expatriates moon.

6. Iss eid pe laut ke aa jana,
Kuch yaaden taaza karni hain,
Kuch lamhe morr ke laane hain,
Woh masti aur woh madhoshi,
Woh bachpan morr ke laana hai,
Iss eid pe laut ke aa jana,
Ab dil ko dil ki dharrkan se,
Phir eid mubarak kehna hai,
Aur saath bohat din rehna hai,
Iss eid pe laut ke aa jana..

Eid Mubarak Poems 2017
eid mubarak poems in hindi

7. Khushi ke geet gaao eid aayi hai,
Hanssi labon pe sajaao eid aayi hai,
Parinde bolte hain dil ki baat karte hain,
Tum apna haal sunaao eid aayi hai,
Fizaa main rang hain aur rang dilnasheen,
Nazzar se dil main bassaao eid aayi hai,
Khille hain phool aur mehek rahi hai fizaa,
Dilon ke ranjj mittaao eid aayi hai,
Chalo ke dil ki udaasi ko hatam karte hain,
Khushiyon ko dhoond ke laao eid aayi hai..

8. Eid ka rang chehre se chupaaon kese,
Tu meri rooh main dhoondne jaon kese,
Mera har din teri chahat mein eid ka din,
Main sirf aik hi din mehndi lagaaon kese..
Eid Mubarak Poems 2017
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9. Gheir’on mein hai jo shaad usey eid mubarak,
Jis ko hum nahin hain yaad usey eid mubarak,
Masoom se armaan‘on ki masoom si duniya,
Jo kar geya barbaad usey eid mubarak..

10. Kabhi iss tarah se bhi eid kar,
Abhi zid na kar dil-e-bekhabar,
Ke pass-e-hujoom sitam–giraan,
Abhi kon tujh se wafaa kare,
Abhi kiss ko fursaten iss qadar,
Ke samaitt kar teri kirchiyaan,
Tere haq main khud se dua kare,
Abhi zid na kare dil-e-bekhabar,
Ke tah-e-ghubaar e gham-e-jahan,
Kahan kho gaye tere chaaragar,
Ke raah-e-hayaat main raayegaan,
Kahan so gaye tere humsafar,
Abhi ghamgusaron ki chott seh,
Abhi kuch na sun abhi kuch na keh,
Abhi zid na kar mere be-nawaa,
Abhi ho sake to sahii mere,
Sabhi khawb raakh main daffan kar,
Abhi ho sake to yeh soch le,
Ke tuluu-e-ashq se paishtar,
Kahin dard hai to huaa kare,
Koi chott hai to khila kare,
Kabhi yun bhi ho ke sar-e-uffaq,
Tere dukh ka chaand dammak uthe,
Koi tees khud se chamak uthe,
Kisi sheher-e-zakhm farosh main,
Koi zakham khud se khareed kar,
Sabhi akss khud se khurachh kabhi,
Kiisi aayine pe na deed kar,
Kabhi yuun bhi jashn-e-turb mana,
Kabhi iss tarah se bhi eid kar…

Eid Mubarak Poems 2017
eid mubarak 2017 poems